Best Platform for Blogging – Which One is the best CMS for Blogging?

Best Platform For Blogging

Best Platform for Blogging – WordPress vs Blogger

If you have decided to start a blog, you will need a content management system [CMS], a system with the help of which you will write and manage your blog posts and pages.

When there are different ways of using the same or similar purposes, which one is the best for whom depends upon what requirements do they have.

Similarly, when we talk about the best platform for blogging, it depends upon at what approach you are going to use it.

In our case I defined the best platform for blogging depending upon how easy, user friendly and SEO ready they are.

There are many platforms like SitePad, FlatPress, etc. for blogging, but there is no point going to another platform leaving WordPress and Blogger.

Blogger and WordPress are leading platforms specially in blogging sector. They are leading because they have ability and there is a well established community that helps to solve almost every problems in real time.

The favorable part of both of these platforms is they will give you an opportunity to learn how everything works for free.

Surprised? If you were surprised because I just said both Blogger and WordPress gives opportunity for free then listen to me.

Everyone know Blogger is free but if you want to learn Blogging on WordPress then you can try it on provides similar interface (limited customisation) that a self-hosted WordPress will have.

If you want to get free hosting and free domain, so that you can experience and learn how a self-hosted WordPress site works. Check my another blog where, I had explained the process in detail. But before doing that let’s move to our topic.

The following detail about Blogger and WordPress will help you to decide the best platform for blogging.


Blogger is a google product started in 2003 as a Content Management System. Blogger is not only CMS but also a hosting service. Blogger provides unlimited storage of hosting with ability to handle millions of traffic every month.

Blogger provides unlimited storage of hosting with ability to handle millions of traffic every month.

If you want to start blogging totally for free then Blogger content management system can be the best platform for blogging.

To start a blog with Blogger, you will just need an account on google. If you already have one then you can go to or [redirects to same] and sign in using your Google account (Gmail account).

Blogger CMS has some advantages and some disadvantages: I will discuss some advantages and disadvantages that you see impacting directly even if you are a beginner.

I will discuss some advantages and disadvantages that you see impacting directly even if you are a beginner.

Advantages of Blogger

Blog Security:

Your Blog’s security is under control of Google, It means the chances of hacking is minimal.

You will lose your blog, if you have no longer access to your google account. Therefore, you can focus on other things without worrying about website security.

Moreover, Blogger will provide a free SSL secured (https protocol) connection.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Blogger, being a product of Google has ability to handle millions of traffic every month. Therefore, you will not have to worry about crashing of website and server down.

Unlimited Hosting Storage:

There is no limitation of Hosting space in Blogger. But you must comply with Terms and Conditions. It means you should not misuse the offer.

No Need of Domain:

Blogger provides you a subdomain. So you don’t have to worry about domain for startup and you can buy or add your custom domain later.

Disadvantages of Blogger


You don’t technically own your site. If they believe you are violating their terms of service, they may suspend or delete your blog without even giving a warning.


You can not customize the post or page links, and have no paid plan to do so. The default permalink will contain the date that a post originally published.

File Access:

You won’t get FTP access. It means, the files you uploaded on blogger site may remain undeleted even after you delete the entire blog.


It has limitations in terms of usage and customization. Customization will not be as easy as in WordPress unless you are a developer or have knowledge in HTML, CSS and JS.

Also there are no paid plans or upgrades available to access more features.

SEO Limitations:

You can do nothing special for Search Engine Optimization. Only thing you can do for on-page SEO for your blog is use of keyword properly.

Coding Skill:

You will need some basic level knowledge in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Otherwise, you will need support for customization.

Conclusion – Blogger

With blogger, you will get many advantages in terms of storage and traffic handling which you will not get even in a hundred dollar paid hosting plans.

But it lacks in terms of other additional services and features such as designing, customization and search engine optimization.

The another best platform for blogging can be WordPress CMS. I placed blogger at first because it is available totally free which everyone want initially.

Now, let’s talk about WordPress Content Management System in detail which is best platform for blogging if you can invest some amount on hosting.


WordPress is the most popular content management tool, it was started back in 2003.

With WordPress, you can run your self hosted site. It means you will become the owner of your site and you will get all access.

And you can customize your site with all additional services available in the market such as page building plugins and seo plugins.

As per stats, most of the blogging sites (around 60%) are built using WordPress as their content management system.

I have seen and and experienced the confusion between WordPress different versions. So, let’s learn about WordPress in depth now.

WordPress is available in two different forms:



It is similar to Blogger, it provides free hosting and free subdomain. But the free plan is not as wide as blogger because there is limitation in storage and bandwidth.

And it is similar to blogger in terms of security. It means, itself will care about security of your site and will also provide SSL certificate for your subdomain.

As long as your WordPress account is recoverable with your email or phone. Your blog or site will remain secure.

As long as your WordPress account is recoverable with your email or phone. Your blog or site will remain secure.

But it differs from blogger in terms of paid plans for upgrading and customization. offers you paid plans which will make you use almost all features available for self hosted WordPress site. It means you can customize site design and improve on-page SEO. offers you paid plans which will make you use almost all features available for self hosted WordPress site. It means you can customize site design and improve on-page seo.

Here, I will not mention advantages and disadvantages of But, what I can suggest is, use if you find self hosted WordPress site is useless after reading about hosted WordPress site below.

EXTRA DOSE: Use free plan to understand the basic functionalities of WordPress.

Though free lacks all advanced features, both use the same user interface which will help you when you start a self-hosted blog (Self Hosted)

WordPress provided by is the most popular and widely used blogging CMS.Therefore, here we will focus more on

It is similar to software, you can install it on your hosting server and use as per your requirement.

WordPress itself is free, but you will have to pay for its maintenance.

Take an Example of your free video playing software which costs no money, but you need storage on your device to install that application and sometimes you may also need to buy a movie.

Advantages of WordPress

You will get the following advantages if you use WordPress over Blogger.


WordPress is a self-hosted platform, it means as long as you have an unexpired hosting plan, you are the owner of the site.


You can customize the design and add features to your site using the available plugins and services in the market. You can also set custom permalinks for your posts, pages or media files.


WordPress has a great global community dedicated to solving your problem. Most of the problems can be fixed from video and documented tutorials.


If you run your blog on WordPress, you will be able to improve in terms of on-page seo. There are many dedicated plugins which will help to set seo frameworks for each and every pages.

Easy to Use:

Most of the work relating to design and customization is possible with simple drag and drop and option selection methods. This makes WordPress easy to use.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Paid/ Not Free:

WordPress is a self-hosted platform, you have to buy hosting and domain. You can still get WordPress hosting for free from some companies.


It will be the responsibility of owner i.e. you to keep your site safe and secure.The performance of your site is also affected by hosting service and how you manage and design, so it is your own job to manage this.

Basic Knowledge of PHP:

WordPress is a PHP based CMS, so if you want to customize and add features using code, it is harder than a blogger.

Conclusion – WordPress

WordPress also being the best CMS also has some disadvantages. But here you can change limitations into a possibility by spending some dollars money.

In general, you can manage and maintain a single blog site with an investment of $20-80/year.

In my opinion a serious Blogger will always look for WordPress over Blogger.

Conclusion on Best Platform for Blogging : WordPress vs Blogger

As I mentioned above, what is best depends upon different perspectives. Therefore, after knowing about Blogger and WordPress both, it will be your responsibility to choose the best platform for blogging.

If you really want to follow my direction, I will give you the following suggestions regarding best platform for blogging.

1. Start your blog on Blogger if you have no way to invest on hosting or domain. Blogger can be used by non serious Bloggers who write content as a hobby.

2. Start A self hosted WordPress site if you can afford a basic hosting plan and a domain. Nowadays, Blogger can be suggested only in case there is no possibility with WordPress.

3. If you want to start your blog on WordPress and have no money to invest or intention to invest, go for free plan or get a self hosted site with free hosting and free domain.

3rd option is best to learn how to work with WordPress.

Let me know in the comment section below mentioning which one did you find best platform for blogging.

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