How to Get Free WordPress Hosting from Infinityfree (2022)

Get Free Hosting For Wordpress Blog

Free Hosting for WordPress Blog : Points of Attraction

  • Hosting Service will be completely for free of cost.
  • Storage and Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Can host unlimited number of domains
  • Make unlimited subdomains.
  • Moderate speed
  • vPanel control panel – which is same as cPanel
  • You can install WordPress and other 200+ scripts at one click using Softaculous.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • More than 99.7% uptime (during my usage – 4 months)

Introduction of Free Hosting Provider

In this Blog, I am going to talk about one and only unlimited Hosting service provider which is known as InfinityFree. This hosting provider will help you to Get Free Hosting for WordPress Blog.

As the name itself contains infinity, it provides some of its services infinitely. For example, there is no bound for storage, numbers of addon domains, subdomains, bandwidth, etc.

As we all know, majority of people on blogging sector getting paid hosting then there must be some disadvantage of free hosting, otherwise all would have been go for it. It means it has some disadvantages too.

However, the disadvantages of this free hosting service is not going to impact beginners, instead it will help them to learn more about Hosting and experimentally know how a website works and many more.

We will know about the disadvantages of using a free hosting the end of this article.

Infinityfree will provide you three sub account per one main account. Every sub account can be used to host unlimited numbers of domains for free.

But to avoid violation of terms of excess use of space and bandwidth, you are advised to host a single domain under your main account.

If you make three sub accounts and host multiple domains under each subaccount, in aggregate the main account will be in violation of their terms of usage. Because it might exceed the allocated bandwidth, storage and inodes used per main account.

Get Started to Get Free Hosting for WordPress Blog or Site

Here is the process where you will learn how you can get free hosting service for WordPress blog or site.

To start the process, you may do it right now while reading the blog in the another tab of your browser or in another device.

Create an Account

To create an account, of course you will need to go to the service providers site. Which is or to which will redirect your to

Simply signup / create an account by providing required details, and verify your email address. After verifying your email, you will be able to login to your account on Infinityfree from Client Area.

The following screen will appear on the first login.

Free Hosting For Wordpress Blog

Creating a Hosting Account (Sub-Account)

The account so made above is just an account on Infinityfree, where you can not host your domain directly. Therefore, you will need to create a hosting account inside it which earlier was referred as sub-account by me.

To create the hosting account, click on create now button.

After clicking on create account, it will show a 3 step process to create hosting account.

Step 1

To open a hosting account, you will either need a subdomain provided by Infinityfree or a custom domain that is pointing to Infinityfree using it’s nameservers.


If you do not have a custom domain or the nameservers are not getting propagated quickly, choose a sub-domain and click on search domain button. If you want to add custom domain on the server, read the following.

Free Hosting For Wordpress Blog

But make sure that, after entering subdomain name, do not click on the Search Domain button. Instead, click on the Domain Tab.


If you add your custom domain during hosting account creation, it will be easier for you to start making your site just a second after the account creation.

If you still do not have an custom domain, you can proceed with the subdomain. You can also get custom domains for free. If you are just learning how WordPress and self hosted site can be used. Get a free domain with this quick guide.

Therefore, after selection of subdomain, click on custom domain tab. Here, you will see this message:

“The Domain needs to point to the Infinityfree nameservers before you can use it.”

Free Hosting For Wordpress Blog

It means, before adding domains on Infinityfree, you will need to point your domain with Infinityfree nameservers. To do so, go to the control panel of your domain and set the nameservers.

The nameservers for are :

  • nameserver1:
  • nameserver 2:

In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours for your domain to propagate with these nameservers.

You can check if the nameservers are propagated or not using any DNS checker tools.

If the domain does not propagate with these nameservers instantly, comeback to after it does, then repeat hosting account creation process as mentioned above.

Once you finished adding your custom domain, click on “search domain” button. This will check basically two things; one is that the domain is registered and another is that if the domain is pointing to using it’s nameservers.

Step 2

In this step, you will need to set your hosting account name. Use a name which will help you to identify which domain is hosted on which hosting account later. Account username will be automatically generated, and you can set a desired password.

The username (auto generated) and password will be required to login to your cPanel account, FTP account, etc.

But it is not really mandatory to remember these credentials, as you can directly go to your cPanel account from Infinityfree hosting account’s dashboard. As well as you can see the password and username in control panel of your hosting account.

After providing the display name and password you can click on the create account button.

Free Hosting For Wordpress Blog

Step 3

After clicking on the create account button, you will be redirect to a page where you will see two options one is client area and another is control panel.

If you click on control panel you will be redirect to your vPanel.

If you click on client area you will be redirect to client area which is main account created on, from where you will be able to access the hosting account and edit the Account name and password, etc.

Boom! You successfully got a free hosting package. After few minutes check your domain, you will be able to see that your domain is resolving to a blank page.

Now, you will need to install WordPress and import your posts from Blogger, if you were using Blogger before. Otherwise, install WordPress using Softaculous App installer, which is available on your vPanel.

This is how you will get free hosting for your WordPress blog or site. You can use this hosting to create your site with custom files and also there are more than 200+ scripts are available including Joomla, AbanteCart, etc.

Click here to know how you can install WordPress on cPanel / vPanel.

As I promised earlier, I am going to point out some disadvantages of this free hosting for WordPress blog

Disadvantages of free hosting for WordPress Blog

  • There is no dedicated site backup feature. However, you can backup your WordPress site with the help of Backup Plugins. But if the site is not on WordPress, it can be difficult for you to backup your files.
  • No email accounts, only available if you upgrade to premium,
  • Google Advertisement on vPanel (control panel, not on your site)
  • No live support ( get help form forum)
  • No website migration service.
  • Obviously, a bit slower than a paid plan. However, In my usage it was fast as I was using lightweight template, lazy loading image and caching plugin.
  • Allows 50000 hits per day, if you exceed the limit, your account will get suspended automatically for 24 hours. This will affect while your site is under development otherwise it will handle a small volume of traffic every day for a beginner.

Conclusion on How to Get Free Hosting for WordPress Blog

If you are beginner, your site is small or you just want to learn how WordPress self hosted site can be managed then you can go for free hosting.

A self hosted site can perform very well than a Blogger blog in terms of SEO. If you change design of your site or update not frequently, then you can boost up your site speed with the help of caching.

Therefore what I can say is if you have no investment, or you do not want to make a risky investment on hosting, then get free hosting for WordPress blog from Infinityfree which is the best free hosting provider among so called free hosting service providers.

If you write really meaningful and informational blogs then do not go for free hosting for WordPress blog.

Because there is chances that your might get deleted or suspended if you exceeded their usage limit or you are not following exact policy they have mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infinityfree Hosting?

Infinityfree is free hosting provider company powered by ifastnet. It provides unlimited hosting service for any number of sites for free.

You can start any kind of website on Infinityfree with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.

Yes. You can use WordPress or any CMS to make website or blog on Infinityfree.

No. Infinityfree won’t show any advertisement on your site.The advertisements are limited to their website and control panel.

The control panel for infinityfree is vPanel which is almost similar to popular control panel cPanel.

You can get softaculous app installer on control panel of infinityfree with valid license. The Softaculous provided by Infinityfree comes with 200+ scripts and CMS installation options.

The nameservers for Infinityfree hosting are

  • nameserver 1 –
  • nameserver 2 –

If you have a custom domain, you can get Let’s Encrypt’s ssl certificate for free. You can also get SSL certificate for the subdomains.

They use AdSense advertisement on their website including in control panel. Moreover, they also have paid plans. When a free hosting user wants more features, they generally upgrade there.

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