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A blogger and web content writer by passion. I have been in Blogging and SEO-related digital marketing niche.


A Short Overview

My name is Grisma (ग्रिष्म). Grisma Blog is a personal blog started in 2020. Being passionate about blogging, I learned some techniques that could help others too. Therefore, I decided to share some knowledge about starting a blog and operating it. In addition to writing and publishing blogs, I also love to provide some help in the following areas.


Blogging is the best and simplest way of communication for me. I Love to Write Informative Articles and Blogs. I have been Blogging since 2019 and have written and published more than 300 Articles and Blogs across multiple blogs.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not a definitive work, it is the ultimate way of getting organic traffic and converting them into consumers of your goods or services. Therefore, I don’t declare myself an SEO expert, but I do know much about SEO and can help implement non-hazardous SEO techniques to rank higher for the targeted keywords.

When you are working in the field of blogging or managing any kind of website, you are expecting some visitors to your site. Except for some direct users, the only way to derive organic visitors is through search engines. The search engine traffic can be expected to receive only if the site ranks in the search engine’s first 3-4 results for the searched keywords.

The on-page optimization and off-page work done for the keywords to rank the website or blog is called search engine optimization. For competitive keywords, it is hard to easily rank but it is not impossible.

As I was working alone, in the early stage, I was focused on writing only. Later, I realized that I was not getting enough traffic to my blog. Therefore, I learned about basic SEO and implemented it to get primitive exposure on the website. Then I implemented different techniques for trial, some of them worked, and some of them failed. As I know many of the tested techniques, I also know what should I do and what should not be done to rank properly.

If you want to work with me, please contact me through the contact section.

Content Writer

I Love Writing About Blogging, SEO, WordPress Design, And Other Digital Marketing Related Topics. My primary focus in my writing is making everything easy to understand for humans as well as the Search Engines. I have contributed more than 300 articles that have been published on different websites and blogs. Most of them appear on the first page of Search Engines.

WordPress Designer

From the experience I have gained from Blogging, I can customize and design WordPress sites. This includes template customization and building site pages using Elementor, Gutenberg, and other popular builders. You can contact me for the best design or design advice for any type of WordPress site, blog, or website.

Service Delivered

See the comprehensive list of the services that I offer to my readers. Most of them are free of cost.

You Can Get Help

As I am familiar with this platform and the field, I am providing some free services related to blogging to my site visitors.

Start A Blog

Not sure about how to start a blog and make a blogging site on WordPress?

No problem. Not everyone must know everything. If you can write on something, start writing right now. I will set up a perfect customized blog for your niche. Just contact.

Note: The terms and conditions apply.

Sadly, I can not offer a free blog site setup service to everyone. Therefore, we have the following terms that one should meet before requesting this free service.

Terms And Conditions

  • You must be a subscriber of at least one of the services referred by Grisma.
  • You should not have claimed another free offer in exchange for it before.
  • You will not get any major support once the site is delivered for the first time except for the general assistant.
  • I can only offer this setup if the language is English or Nepali.
  • The service delivery will be on a first come first basis.
  • Domain and Hosting are not part of our free service.

Make A Business Website

Start ECommerce Store

Migrate To New Host

I am offering a free website migration service for new hosting. If you are not sure about how to migrate your website to a new host, let me help with that.

Migrate to a New Domain?

I offer basic WordPress SEO services to our readers. This includes installing and setting up either Yoast SEO, RankMath, or the All in One SEO plugin.

We also offer:

  • Cloudflare integration service.
  • Enable the best Caching mode
  • Image Optimization
  • Lazy loading images and iframes
  • Database optimization

We offer quality content to anyone who wants to publish our blog on their own blog.

  • Declare your niche
  • Give focused keywords (optional)
  • Have at least 20 blogs on your site
  • At least 500 visitors a month
  • At least 15 domain authority

If you want to work together with Grisma, then you can ask or apply from the Work with Grisma section for guest posting and other work that can be executed together. If You Have Any Other Questions You May Ask From The Contact Section.