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Grisma is my name, a natural person. And the blog named Grisma is an individual name-based blog started in 2019. I started blogging as a passion, which lead me to learn more about the different techniques of blogging and other work to be done to run a blog. Therefore, I decided to focus on blogging and the work to be performed around blogging such as SEO and many other aspects. In addition to writing and publishing on my own Grisma Blog, I do provide services related to the following.


Blogging is the best and simplest way of communication for me. I Love to Write Informative Articles and Blogs. I have been Blogging since 2018 and have written and published more than 200 Articles and Blogs. Most of my writings perform better as they are based on detailed research and analysis of data. Although some of my articles are focused on Nepali readers, my target audience is global. Therefore, you can visit here and explore more and learn more. This platform is free and will continue to remain free forever.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you are working in the field of blogging or managing any kind of website, you are expecting some visitors to your site. Except for some direct users, the only way to derive organic visitors is through search engines. The search engine traffic can be expected to receive only if the site ranks in the first 3-4 results of the search engine for the searched keywords.

The on-page optimization and off-page work done for the keywords to rank the website or blog is called search engine optimization. For competitive keywords, it is hard to easily rank but it is not impossible.

As I am working alone, in the early stage, I was focused on writing only. Later, I realized that I am not getting enough traffic to my blog. Therefore, I learned about basic SEO and implemented them to get the primitive exposure on the website. Then I implemented different techniques for trial, some of them worked, and some of them failed. As I know many of the tested techniques, I also know what should I do and what should not be done in order to rank properly.

SEO is not a definitive work, it is the ultimate way of getting organic traffic and converting them into consumers of your goods or services. Therefore, I don’t declare myself an SEO expert, but I do know much about SEO and can help to implement non-hazardous SEO techniques to rank higher for the targeted keywords.

If you want to see my work, please contact me through the contact section.

Content Writer

I Love Writing About Blogging, SEO, WordPress Design, And Other Digital Marketing Related Topics. My primary focus in my writing is making everything easy to understand for humans as well as the Search Engines.

more than 150 articles have been published on different websites and blogs. And most of them appear on the first page of Search Engines.WordPress Designer

From the experience I have gained from Blogging, I can customize and design WordPress sites. This includes template customization and building site pages using Elementor, Gutenberg, and other popular builders.

You can contact me for the best design or design advice for any type of WordPress site.

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