What is Niche and How to Choose Best Niche? (2021)

Before selecting a domain for your site you will need to understand what is niche? And how to choose the best niche?

What is Niche?

Niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. The sector to which your work will target is a niche.

In simple words, niche is a category where the business have target. A blog itself is a good example of business also requires a niche or category to write.

Selecting a niche is one of the most important task to start a blog. Because you will need to maintain continuity on your blog which you are targeting.

Therefore, the niche of the blog should be more of your interest or passion, which could be anything. But always keep in mind that, your niche should drag some visitors who are interested on reading your contents. Otherwise, the hours you spent on writing will be worthless.

If you have no detailed knowledge on any topic, it might get harder to make the contents under your niche evergreen. However, in most of the general niche topic you will keep getting more expertise and experience as you go.

If you have already gained detailed knowledge in different subjects or topics then a proper research is required to find out the most profitable niche.

With that being said, you are not advised to drop out the idea of other niche that is less potential than your primary niche.

How to Choose Best Niche?

If you are getting what I am trying to explain upto this point, you might probably have imagined all the categorise on which you have a little bit, broad range or little bit knowledge.

Under Niche topic I tried to clear that, you should have chosen such topics under which you can write numbers of blogs in such a way that readers find it easy to read and understand.

Types of Niche

Beforee getting an idea of niche selection, first we need to know about types of niche. Niche can be categorized mainly in 4 categories. They are

  • Multi-Niche
  • Niche
  • Sub-Niche and
  • Micro-Niche


Multi niche means a blog where the writer writes blogs under different topics and posts them on a single site. By the name, it covers wide area of topics.

For example, I have one blog in which I write posts on different categories (Blogging, Tech, etc.) and post them in a single site.

To manage different category posts a dedicated work is done from back end which includes giving category and tags appropriately, designing the menu so that the readers can get into a single category which they are searching for.

Advantages of Multi-Niche Blogs

  • The main advantage of having a multi-niche blog is that you don’t have to pay for multiple domains and hosting plans.
  • If you decide to add some micro-niche content you can simply write and publish under a new menu and category.
  • Also you can make a site filled with enough contents in case of multi-niche because you can write what you know in different topics.
  • It doesn’t require to build, setup and design a new site for every topics you want to write.

Disadvantages of Multi-Niche Site

  • All contents goes down when the hosting server faces problem.
  • Large sites are hard to migrate.
  • Less user friendly due to mixed type of content when failed to design properly.

Niche Sub-niche or Micro-niche Sites

When you start writing in single topic covering the origin to end, it creates a niche site. Sub or micro niche sites are narrow in terms of content. They cover only specialized category.

Here I am going to explain what is niche, sub niche and micro niche with an example. Let’s take an example of Cricket Niche.

If you choose cricket as your niche you can write everything about cricket including history, matches, players, analysis on team or country, etc.

But if you decided to write cricket related articles based on country or a certain territory, this can be called a sub niche.

And if you decide to write only about IPL only then it will be a micro niche blog.

Here, IPL is still a big topic, micro niche can go as deep as throwing (bowling) a ball spinning but such micro niche requires really detailed knowledge on that particular topic.

If you see a site only writing about bedroom decoration ideas, it is a kind of micro niche site.

In the case of a micro niche site, you will need a team or you must be an expert so that you can solve every problem with your blog.

A micro niche will be out of content if you become incapable to write further under this niche.

If you maintain multiple micro niche sites you will find it harder to manage because you have to set up each site individually in terms of design, seo, etc.

Even if you decide to clone the design, it will take a longer time.

And definitely if you maintain a new blog you will realize that each of your sites requires a separate identity such as logo and tagline, etc.

After reading this, you have to decide what to start. If you believe that you can continue to maintain your site under a sub or micro niche then go for a niche site.

If you are unable to decide a niche, the best one is a multi niche which you can start with a single domain, single hosting plan, single theme and with single setup or design.

Later, if you feel that niche sites are best then you can start a new niche site with similar concepts and ideas you used for particular category blogs on your multi niche site.

How to Choose the Best Niche?

Selection of niche is not an easy task. A niche can be found when all of the followings are identifiable.

  • Area of Interest – You must be interested to conduct search.
  • Area of knowledge – You must be known about the topic or at least be able to break down the findings on that topic.
  • Profitable – Niche must be profitable that can make some conversion.
  • Search Volume – A niche can get profitable only when it gets a reasonable volume of traffic.
  • Competition – For starter, a competitive niche can get frustrating.

Some of Best Niche Ideas for 2021

After the pandemic, in most of the part of the world, people are still afraid of getting in public. Similarly, some trends are ongoing condition. Keeping them in mind you can try one or some of the suggested best niches for 2021.

  • Job Vacancy Sites specialized for online jobs
  • Job Vacancy Sites targeting countries like United States where millions lost their job
  • Fitness Ideas for those who can’t join gym as the result of pandemic
  • Covid-19 Cases Statistics Site With detailed analytics (may require some coding skills too)
  • PUBG Mobile – Redeem Code, Playstore Gift Cards, Tournaments
  • Free Fire
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Cryptocurrencies (specially dodge coin)
  • Domain and Hosting Guides (as the rate of making online presence is increasing)
  • Trendings like Clubhouse

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