How to Separately Host Custom Subdomain With Blogger?

You may already know how to connect or host a custom domain with Blogger. But, did you know that you can also connect a subdomain with Blogger?

You can connect your custom sub domain on any Blog on Blogger independently.

If you are running a service website or any kind of website on your main domain, you may need a separate place for your Blogs. In that case, setting a may help you to write blogs only on Blogger.

Connecting a custom subdomain with Blogger is very easy and simple. There are three situations where you are willing to connect a custom subdomain with Blogger.

When Main Domain is Not on Blogger

If you are not using Blogger for main domain, then the subdomain setup process includes a little bit longer process.

Connecting own subdomain with Blogger is similar to connecting a custom domain with Blogger.

The only different is, instead of www part, you should give the subdomain part you want. For example :

The following is a step by step guide on how to setup a custom subdomain with Blogger.

Step by Step Guide To Connect Subdomain with Blogger

1. Choose a Blogger Blog

Decide If you want to add subdomain for existing blog or create a fresh blog on Blogger.

If you already have an existing blog on Blogger with some contents and want to integrate it with subdomain such as then connect it with that existing blog.

2. Set Up Custom Domain

Go to your Blogger blog setting. Under Publishing, you will find custom domain field. Fill the custom domain field with your custom subdomain such as and click on save.

This will show an error message which guides to add two CNAME records on your domain DNS manager.

Adding Subdomain On Blogger

3. Setting DNS (CNAME) Records

Go to DNS manager for your domain. If you are using Cloudflare, it can be done with Cloudflare.

Set up the DNS records as required by blogger in step 2.

Dns Records To Connect Subdomain With Blogger

After setting up both the DNS records from your domain DNS manager wait few minutes and check if the DNS set is working or not.

If the DNS set above is correct, it generally starts working within a few minutes to 72 hours.

Comeback to your Blogger setting and save the custom subdomain on Blogger and it will start working.

For secure connection visible to your blog reader, enable https from setting of that Blog.

When Main Domain is Also in Blogger

If your main domain is also on Blogger, create a new blog or use an existing blog created on the same google account.

Go to setting, under publishing add your custom subdomain on Blogger.

Such as, in this case, it will not show what DNS records to add for your domain. But, that subdomain will not work as there is no DNS record set for your Blog.

In this case, go to DNS manager and set a CNAME record with name “blog” “or whatever you want to use as subdomain part” and target as and save it.

While the DNS propagates, comeback to Blogger and enable https so that when subdomain starts resolving, it will resolve on secure https protocol.

Main Domain is on Blogger, Want to Connect Subdomain With Blogger from Another Account

If main domain is on Blogger and want to connect your custom subdomain with Blogger which is in another account, then there are two solutions.

One is, making your account an admin of that blog where you want to connect custom subdomain with Blogger.

If you became an admin of another account’s blog, then follow 2nd method.

If you are not admin of that blog with the same account where main domain is connected with Blogger, then read the following.

In this case, again go to setting and under publishing, in the field of custom domain, enter the subdomain you want. You will be again provided both DNS records required for the custom subdomain you want to connect with Blogger.

Then you can consider method 1st of this Blog i.e Main Domain is Not on Blogger method to complete the setup procedure.


In these different ways, you will be able to connect your subdomain with Blogger.

To connect subdomain with Blogger, you will just need to set at least one to maximum two CNAME records.

Blogger can be used exclusively for Blogging. Therefore, if you need more flexibility, you can also host subdomain in separate server.


Why do I need to host subdomain with Blogger?

Hosting a subdomain with Blogger is your choice. But if you want more clarity, it can be used in case your main site is focused on services and products.

If your main domain is used for business website or an ecommerce site or service site.

In such case you may need to write some Blogs or Articles related to your services and products.

In that case managing Blogs and an ecommerce or service site in the same place and diretory may create confusion.

Therefore, to make Blogs easily manageable you may need to host a subdomain with Blogger.

Why should I choose Blogger when there is WordPress ?

The reason is – Blogger is free CMS as well as a free hosting service.
If you want to host a subdomain on free hosting service, they do not support adding a subdomain or support only limited number of subdomain.

Blogger is easy to write Blogs which are related to documentation and service usage guide that does not require SEO focus.

The choice is up to you. If you have enough money or unlimited hosting plan, you can create a separate subdomain and use for your purpose.

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