How To Get Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate With Infinityfree ACME (2021)

If you have a website or blog, you will need to care about your site’s security. To secure your site, you may be using multiple techniques and tools.

SSL certificate is one of the security measures you can to implement to make your visitors feel secure.

So, how to get let’s encrypt free SSL certificate? You can get let’s encrypt free ssl certificate easily with the help of Infinityfree for any numbers of websites.

There are many ways to get SSL certificate for free. Among them Let’s Encrypt is the most popular to issue SSL certificate for free.

Therefore, we will learn to get Let’s Encrypt issued free SSL certificate.

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The complete procedure to get the free SSL certificate is explained below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate With Infinityfree.

Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate issued to

To get a free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, we will use Infinityfree.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to get let’s encrypt free SSL certificate.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Login or Sign Up To Infinityfree

Infinityfree logo

Simply go to, and find Client Area from navigation.

If you already have an account, then log in to your account.

If you do not have an account, you can sign up and create a new account on Infinityfree.

The procedure to create an account on Infinityfree is also available in my another blog where I have written about how to get unlimited hosting for WordPress or any website.

Add Domain That Needs SSL Certificate

Adding Domain to get Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

The next step is to add the domain which needs the SSL Certificate.

To add the domain, you will need to find Free SSL Certificate option from the navigation menu of your account.

20201221 083257

Then, click on the Add SSL Domain button as shown in the above image.
And enter the domain name in custom domain tab.

There are two certificate authority who actually issue SSL certificate for free of cost. And the recommended one is Let’s Encrypt.

IMG 20201219 093928

After selecting Let’s Encrypt as SSL provider, simply click on the Add SSL Domain button.

That is it, you successfully added the domain.
Now the next step is verifying the domain.

Add DNS (CNAME) Records

Adding DNS records to get Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate with the help of Infinityfree

You will get let’s encrypt free SSL certificate from Infinityfree only after verifying domain with CNAME records as provided by Infinityfree.

You have to add these two CNAME records from your primary DNS manager.

Primary DNS here means that server the domain ponits with nameservers.

For example, if you are using domain registrar’s nameservers and pointing to hosting server with A records (IPV4 address), then the same is your primary DNS manager.

If you are using Cloudflare or any other CDN, then the DNS manager of that CDN is your primary DNS manager.

If nameservers are directly pointing the hosting server, then the DNS management systems of the server will act as the primary DNS manager.

To set CNAME records, pickup the names and targets and save them.

In case of Cloudflare or any DNS manager that option to proxy the DNS, do not use proxy server.

If nameservers point directly to the hosting server, you can set CNAME records from your control panel.

If you are using Infinityfree control panel, then just find CNAME records option and set the records as provided by Infinityfree.

IMG 20201219 094703

You will be able to add the required CNAME records easily as it does contain any extra confusing options.

Request Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

Ready to request for Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate

After setting the DNS records, depending upon the manager, it takes a few minutes to 15 minutes to show the status ready.

And in extremely rare cases, it might take upto 24 hours to show the status ready.

Once it happens, you can request to get Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate.

After clicking on the Request SSL Certificate button, you will again need to wait 4-5 minutes.
Or, until the status from pending turns to issued.

20201223 200938

Once you get the private key and certificate, consider keeping bavkup of the files.

This is one of the easiest way to get Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate (Infinityfree – vPanel)

Once you obtain the private key and certificate, the installation process is very simple.

  • Go to SSL/TLS option available on control panel of your vPanel control panel.
  • Click on the configure SSL button for the domain you have obtained the certificate.IMG 20201223 211727
  • Paste private key text in the field of private key and click on the upload key button.
  • Paste the certificate text in the field of certificate and again upload the certificate.

That is it, your have successfully installed the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate on your website.


Is Let’s Encrypt SSL free?

Yes. The SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are completely free of cost.

What is the validity of Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate?

The validity of the certificate is 90 days. The validity period can be extended unlimitedly by renewing it after every 90 days.

Can I use let’s encrypt free SSL Certificate for commercial purposes?

There is no restrictions regarding the usage. It is general purpose SSL certificate which can be used by any kind of website to protect their visitors.

Can I get Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate for subdomain?

Let’s Encrypt provides SSL Certificate for domain as well subdomain. But here in Infinityfree, you can not get the certificate specifically for the subdomain.
The certificate we are taking covers the domain and www subdomain only.

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