Babal Host Review – Is it the Best Hosting Company in Nepal?

If you are planning to get web hosting in Nepal, you may probably have heard about Babal Host. It is one of the most popular hosting providers in Nepal with good customer reviews. I have been using the same since last year. And have not faced any issues from the hosting side during this period. That was the reason that forced me to write a detailed review on Babal Host.

So, let’s begin the Babal Host review by covering every aspect that one will prefer to know about before buying a hosting service in Nepal.

Review Note

This review is neither sponsored by Babal Host for positive review nor sponsored by competitors for a negative review. It is fully written with my own experience of using it.

This review mainly focuses on the Shared hosting offered by Babalhost. It is not fully possible to review each and every product offered by them. And this may contain affiliate link referring to Babalhost. If anyone signup and subscribe any hosting plan will help me to generate a small commission and that will not increase the price you have to pay.

Babal Host is that hosting provider, from where I started serious blogging.

About Babal Host

Babal Host is not an old company in the market. But they have gained popularity within a year with their better service. According to the company’s statement “frustration of not being able to find a suitable hosting environment gave birth to Babal Host “. This is the reality. There are many hosting providers in Nepal but, they are not offering what we are expecting.

Babal Host is a customer-focusing service prover rather than fully profit-making. To accomplish this, they have added an automation system to handle even the most complicated works which other providers still do by hand. Denial of service attacks, malware tracking and patching, and deployment of new servers are some of the activities which their automation process and advanced software are all able to handle.

They have adopted a completely server-less configuration and make use of public clouds fueled by Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, and Alibaba. These providers have already spent billions of dollars on building their architecture. Making use of the services they’ve already put out, they can rather focus on providing the best shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting platform possible to you.

You Can Trust Babal Host

It is a legally registered business.

Babal Host is a brand owned and operated under Tyro Soft Pvt. Ltd. It is registered with the following details.

Registered at Office of Company Registrar and IRD with the following details:
Company registration No.: 207169/075/076
Company Name: Tyro Soft Pvt. Ltd
PAN/VAT Number: 606592750
Location: Tyanglafat-1, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Registered at the local Ward with the following details:
Certificate No.: 356/075/076
Ward No.: 01

Some Statistics of Babal Host

Number of UsersMore than 5000
Number of Users with at least one productAround 70%
Numbers of Domain Registered4000+
Number of Sites HostedMore than 10000+

Babal Host Overview

The following table represents the overall and key things you will get with Babal Host.

Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, Python, Node.js, Cloud Server, Reseller
Uptime99.9% Uptime Guaranteed. Remedy for failure to maintain.
BackupThe offsite backup is available once every two days.
(HTTP response time)
Interestingly pinging its IP returns with HTTP response within 60 ms in the shared plan.
Free DomainWordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and more than 200 other
SSL CertificatecPanel issued SSL Certificate
MigrationMigration Service is free with tickets. (Within 4 hours)
SupportVery quick and responsive support with life and ticket.
Supported AppsWordPress, Laravel Joomla, PrestaShop, and more than 200 other PHP frameworks
Pricing and RenewalsPrice Starts from NPR 1356 including VAT (3 years subscription). Fixed Renew fee.
MoneybackMoneyback is guaranteed for 30 days of the activation of the service.
UpgradeYou can upgrade at any time converting the existing subscription period into money.
Overview of Babal Host Plans

Uptime and Loading Speed

The guaranteed uptime is 99.9% for most of their plans. And this term does not cover the outage caused by scheduled maintenance.

I am using Babal Host for more than a year. During this usage, I have never faced any server outage that lasted more than 15 minutes except for one which was approximately 50 minutes during server maintenance.

Excluding these major server outages that were scheduled, I faced very few outages which give almost 99.973% of uptime. Therefore, we can say BabalHost offers more than 99.95% of uptime.

Talking about speed, one of my websites which does not contain any kind of advertisement has an average HTTP response time of 200ms. This is the least time taken by the browser to contact with the server. This means, if you have a properly made website, you will not have to worry about loading delays because of the server response time. The action will start as soon as someone hits your sites url.

Uptime And Http Response
Babal host uptime and HTTP response time for a shared plan

Support – Live Chat and Ticket

Babal Host is probably the best in terms of support. They have a total of 8 staff for live and other chat support. You can ask to live for general inquiries related to sales and general problems related to the service.

For custom hosting plans, problems in the panel, migration of the cPanel, change in domain, etc. you can use the ticket system which can be used by existing users as well as non-existing ones.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is essential for your visitor’s security. It also impacts user experience and search engine optimization. A site without SSL will not rank at the top as easily as one with SSL.

If you buy an SSL certificate, it will cost money. But, with Babal Host, you can get a free SSL certificate for any number of websites you host on their server. And such SSL will be valid for a lifetime.

Back-Up Service

Babal Host promises to provide twice a day offsite automatic backup service on the sales page. According to them, it is retained for 30 days which means 60 backup files are saved. But, in service, this is not as promised.
The auto backup is available once every two days and the retained backup files are 60 in number. It means you can have the backup files of the last 4 months.

Talking about the environment, the backup service is offsite backup powered by JetBackup which stores the incremental backup files in a remote location. In addition to the auto backup, you can also create a real-time backup for the whole cPanel or certain files or databases only and download it.

Free Site Migration

Babal Host offers a free website/ cPanel migration service for those who are migrating from another server. The service is free of cost and available for any plan. Simply, open a ticket with the login credentials of the existing cPanel and they will do the rest of the work.

Getting Domain with Babal Host

Besides hosting, you can also buy the domain from Babalhost. Babal Host also provides the best service for the registration of Domains in Nepal. According to the data supplied to me, Babal Host has more than 2000 active domains registered.

In terms of getting the domain, I liked the pricing. The price is fixed for first registration and renewal and this includes all taxes. For example, you can register the .com domain for NPR. 1200 for multiple years.

Available Hosting Plans and Pricing

There is a variety of hosting plans available at Babal. The choice depends upon you and the need of the user. There is a general shared plan for general use such as blogging and making simple websites. Dedicated WordPress hosting is available for blogging and other website made with WordPress. For developers, there are Python hosting and Node.js options.

Babal Host Plans And Pricing
Available Hosting Plans and Starting Prices

Similarly, for those having huge websites and software, Babalhost also has cloud servers powered by Digital Ocean. Not only that, but they also have reseller plans, which you can use and start your own hosting business or manage your client’s websites at a cheaper rate.

Money-Back and Upgrade

The money-back term applies for 30 days. I think this period is enough for testing the service and making decisions. The refund on a usage period basis is not applicable if you are no more interested in using this service after 30 days term.

However, if you are having resource limitation problems in lower plan configurations, you can ask to increase or add some extra features by paying an extra amount. Or, you can upgrade to a different or higher plan.

In case of upgrading the plan, the service you own will be valued on a number-of-days basis. So, you only have to pay the remaining amount for upgrading the service.

Referral Program

Babal Host also offers a referral program or affiliate program. In this program, each user will get a unique referral URL. When a user signs up through the link and makes the purchase of any hosting service, they can earn a 5% referral commission. This can be used to purchase or upgrade the service or withdraw as cash.

Babal Host Referral Program
Babal host – Affiliate Program

Babal Host Review


Babal Host Plans And Pricing
Babal Host is a brand providing hosting services in Nepal. It is owned and run by Tyrocity Pvt. Ltd. In my usage experience, I found Babal as the best web hosting service provider in Nepal for Shared and WordPress Hosting.
Server Uptime
Loading Speed
Money Back
Customer Support


Overall, Babal Host provides value for money. It has better performance and quick support at internationally competitive pricing. They have a wide range of plans that are best for beginners to business.


Closing Lines

That was all that I thought is enough to cover about the Babal Host. If you are interested to know in-depth about the service, please let me know in the comments section below. And I will try to cover these aspects too.

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