4 Best Alternatives to Alexa for Website Analysis and Rankings

Alexa.com is a popular website that has been analyzing and ranking traffic for about 26 years. Alexa’s website analysis tool has been shut down. Now you may be thinking how do I find the best alternatives to Alexa. If it is so, you are at right place.

Alexa has been in operation for the past 25 years. It is used to measure websites based on the traffic data coming to the website, based on which information about the ranking of websites in each country and in the world could be obtained.

Not only that, but it was also providing analytical data on the SEO of any website and other competing websites. If you were also using the Alexa Site Ranking to find out the national and international rankings of your website to find out which keywords are most searched, then the following four alternatives to Alexa could be suitable options.

Similarweb – One of the Best Alternatives to Alexa

SimilarWeb is a reliable way to compare free website traffic. This allows you to see the global, countrywide, and category rankings of any website. Similarly, through SimilarWeb, users can see their competitors, website ranking comparison, and engagement rate.

Similarweb might be one of the best alternatives to Alexa for those who were comparing site rankings and website traffic through Alexa.com.

Similarweb can be used for free for general services and you have to pay a monthly fee of 200 dollars to use the premium service of SimilarWeb.

SpyFu – Another Alternative Solution to Alexa

Another website that can be used as an alternative to Alexa.com is SpyFu. SpyFu can be used to track keyword rankings, check organic competition, and view competitors’ pay-per-click (PPC) keywords. An additional feature compared to SimilarWave is that you can download data to it in PDF, CSV, or Excel files.

Similar to Similarweb, SpyFu can also be used for free for general usage. But you have to pay a fee of $33 per month to use the premium features.

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

If you are looking for a reliable site for keyword research, website analysis, ranking tracking, site audit, and competitive analysis then Serpstat may be a suitable option.

Serpstat Website SEO Checker can be used for free for general usage. But you have to pay a fee of $33-$349 a month to use the premium features.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Another website that can be used for free as an alternative to Alexa is Ubersuggest. Through this, you can see the overview of a domain, a dashboard of top-ranking pages, keyword suggestions, content ideas, backlink history, etc.

Best Alternatives To Alexa

Ubersuggest is free for basic users. And the paid plans are also cheaper compared to other competitors. The paid plans start from $12 a month to $40 a month. And there is also an option of a Lifetime plan which will cost you $120 to $400.

These were the best alternatives to Alexa for website and SEO analysis. And similar to the Alexa chrome extension, all of the above alternatives to Alexa are providing extensions for Chrome browsers and other Chromium-based browsers like Brave and Edge.

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