History of Internet In Nepal (1995 to 2022)

Internet Speed In Nepal

Short History of Internet in Nepal

Internet is fundamental need of modern world when it comes to communicating across the globe.

Internet has become the most valuable thing that narrow down the whole world inside a small screen. Therefore, lets explore the progress and history of Internet speed in Nepal.

Initial Launch and Internet Speed In Nepal at That Time

The history of internet in Nepal is not so surprising. Internet was first started in Nepal during 1995 which is just 5 years later the internet launched globally in 1990.

That is a proud moment, but when it comes to accessibility it was too limited to very few people and organizations.

Mercantile, which is popularly known for providing free .np domain, hosting and banking software in Nepal was the first company to launch internet in Nepal.

WorldLink, the largest internet service provider in Nepal was also established in 1995 AD providing internet in Nepal through dial-up connection modem.

The dial-up connection modem used to produce irritating noise and the maximum speed that a user could get under favorable situation was 56 Kbps. The cost for the internet was on per minute basis.

Similarly, After 2003 AD, WorldLink maintained it’s continuity on providing internet by providing a wireless internet connection that had a speed of 256 Kbps.

Later on 2005, SUBISU, another ISP owned by private sector, introduced cable internet in Nepal for the first time.

It became popular because it was affordable than Dial-up connection as well as users were getting both Television channel and internet access through the same cable.

Initial Launch of Internet in Rural Area

Although there was a basic internet available in urban area, specially in Kathmandu. Rest of the people were completely unaware of what internet is.

So, Mr. Mahabir Pun did some effort to provide internet in rural area with his project “Nepal Wireless Networking” from 2002.

This project helped people in geographically backward area to get access of internet connection.
Mr. Mahabir Pun has already completed installing almost 180 wireless internet in 15 different backward districts by the beginning of 2020.

Growth of User of Internet in Nepal

Statistically, there were around 1% populations using internet connection in Nepal till 2006. This percentage raised to 9% in 2011 as per census done during respective period.

There are two main factors behind this progressive change.

The first one was the introduction of mobile internet (GPRS) by “Mero Mobile”, now known as NCELL and Nepal Telecom. And the second one is introduction of ADSL cable internet by Nepal Telecom.

ADSL was the reason, cyber business were started in Nepal where general public who were unable to afford dedicated personal connection used to go for surfing internet on per hour usage basis.

Launch of 3G and Internet Speed In Nepal

In 2011, the existing GPRS was upgraded to 3G connection which progressively enhanced the speed of internet in Nepal.

The average stable speed one could get with 3G internet was around 8-10 Mbps.
Unfortunately, these upgrades were done in profitable and city areas only.

4G LTE (with VoLTE) and Internet Speed

Similarly, Nepal Telecom launched 4G LTE in Nepal on 1st Jan 2017. Which is not yet fully expanded in all the areas of Nepal. And it is still in progress when the world is already expanding 5G network.

Nepal Telecom has also released VoLTE service as a trial starting from May 17, 2021. This service will enhance audio and video quality and improve connection time. You can also get a 100 minutes free voice call in NTC if you enable this service.

However, mostly in rural area we can find the same old GPRS (2G) connection with speed below 1 Mbps.

5G – Under Planning Phase

5G internet is installed on Mt. Everest by Huawei, a Chinese company. However, the NTA is planning to launch 5G network by the end of fiscal year 2077/78 (BS).

Nepal Telecommunications Authority plans to roll out 5G mobile internet by mid-July. NTA us also racing to become the first country in South Asia to offer super fast 5G connectivity.

NTA is going to test the different 5G spectrums in Nepal and choose the best one. Once the suitable spectrum is identified and approved, NTA will start upgrading the infrastructure and launch 5G internet in Nepal.

According to a recent update, NTA was planning to bring 5G from July 2021, which got delayed due to political instability. It is expected to start soon. During testing period, 5G service will be free of cost. And it will be tested in both city and rural areas.

Current Internet Users Stastics

According to a report published by NTA for up to the period of 1st January, 2022 there are more than 34 million people are under access of different types of internet connection which is around 113% of total population of Nepal.

Nta Mis Report

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