Want to know more about Grisma?

Grisma, an Individual name based blog started on 2019. It is Blogging focused platform where mostly I talk about Blogging and SEO.


Blogging is the best and simplest way of communication for me. I Love to Write Informative Articles and Blogs. I have been in Blogging since 2016 and have written more than 100 Articles and Blogs.

So, come here and learn blogging for free in Nepali Context.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A digital marketer should always take care of SEO. Blogs, Articles and Webpages are worthless without proper optimization to rank on search engines.

SEO is not a definitive work, it is the ultimate way of getting organic traffic and conversion. Therefore, it has multiple possibilities. Therefore, I don’t claim to be the SEO expert.

Content Writer

I Love Writing About Blogging, SEO, WordPress Design And Other Digital Marketing Related Topics. My primary focus in my writing is making everything easy to understand human as well as my Search Engines.

more than 150 articles have been published from different websites and blogs. And most of them appear on the first page of Search Engines.

WordPress Designer

From the experience I have gained from Blogging, I can customize and design WordPress sites. This includes Templates customisation and building site pages using Elementor, Gutenberg and other popular builders.

You can contact me for the best design or design advice for any type of WordPress Sites.

If you want to contribute or publish your contents, of course with credit of your work, then you can do it from Work with Grisma section.

If You Have Any Question You May ask From The Contact Section.

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