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MrBeast Reveals Huge Earning Stats from Twitter

MrBeast who announced to test the Twitter platform for publishing video content has shared surpring statistics. Here is what you need to know about.

MrBeast Reveals his earning from Twitter Platform

YouTube giant MrBeast has shared some shocking statistics from the latest video that he has published on Twitter (X) platform.
Earlier MrBeast has said that, he is not satisfied how low does Twitter pays the creator.
He twitted that he has released his Video on YT, a user asked to upload on this platform too and Elon Musk said yeah on the same. Then here is what MrBeast replied...
Tweet by Beast on 31 Dec, 2023
Some users then started mocking Musk saying that he destroyed him in seconds.
MrBeast eventually promised that he will test the platform pretty soon
He dropped his full video $1 cars vs 100,000,000 car!!! on Twitter along with YouTube.
That video blew up on the platform and received 160M plus impressions within a week
His Video..
He revealed that with 156M impressions and 5.17 M engagement his video earned $263K plus revenue
That is much higher than expected as the total impressions are not views. The views are more than engagements but ads are not served over all views with engagement.
He disagrees that Twitter pays that much normally. He believes that the revenue is higher than expected because his video grabbed attention of many advertisers and bought ad slots on his video.
He has also announced to give $ 25000 to random people reposting his tweet out of what he made from the video.